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If i could make an¬†international event that everyone could celebrate, it would be called youngest kid day. It would celebrate the youngest kid in every family. If you were an only child you would not qualify as a youngest kid. They would be celebrated by getting to have a party with the other youngest kids you knew. Every youngest kid would have their older sibling make their favorite breakfast lunch snack dinner and dessert. Everyone in the household would have to meet the youngest kid commands. This day would take place september 5 because september has no holidays and it would make it better. I picked this as a holiday because I am a youngest kid and have 2 brother and 1 sister, people think they get spoiled but they don’t the older sibling are mean to the youngest.

3 thoughts on “My Holiday

  1. Kalysta,
    What a great idea for an international holiday! I wonder if younger kids all around the world are picked on, get hand me down clothes and so on.

    Great you also thought about what month it should be in.

  2. Kalysta,
    That is a really good post I never would have thought of a holiday celebrating the youngest child.

  3. Hi kalysta, I like this post other than the whole make breakfast thing. Visit my blog at

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