I personally love school, but some people don’t so much (a lot). I think people school appreciate¬†school. I learned that kids in Ghana sometimes walk 3 miles to get to school, and their parents use all their money on school, and it is a privilege to go. I have a penpal that lives in Ghana; I don’t know much about her, but it sounds like she loves school, so take a minute to think how lucky you are and think about what you have not what you don’t.

Okay that was the serious part, and I now I would make some changes to how school is run. First I would make school start later like at 11:oo, so I could sleep in. And school lunch, you should be able to eat off campus like high schoolers. Okay thanks for reading. You should give school a chance, and thank your teachers for all they do. Their job is not easy and sometimes not fun.

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